Getting To Know You…

Do you ever start a blog and have to write an about me and suddenly feel like you’re writing one of those singles ads in the newspaper? That’s how I feel everytime I start to write one of these things. Let’s try and make it as quick and painless as possible today.

I’m a twenty-five year old wife, reader, blogger, and now reviewer. I’m obsessed with makeup, books, and let’s face it – food – which makes me a perfect person to review products and anything and everything I can get my hands on because while there are so many of us on the internet, sometimes I just want to read about a “normal” person’s experiences with the products. I’m sure I’m not alone there. Seeing a makeup artist post about how something works is wonderful when you’re trying to learn, but I want to see someone with my skin tone, my ability level making it work.

Which is what I’m here for. The “normal” people.

I live in Florida [hopefully not forever though] which is full of bipolar weather, bugs, and critters. I don’t live on the beach, which is what everyone expects when you tell them you’re from the “sunshine state”, but let’s not forget that Florida is also home to the lightning capital of the world, and alligator alley. Also Disney World. Yay Disney!

So without further ado, let me welcome you with open arms to the reviews and trial and error of a small-town, twenty something, who is taking forever to turn her mother into a grandmother.


51661 xoxo tawny dee


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